Sabtu, 02 Mei 2015

I want to Kiss You

Gracious where, goodness where, can my infant be? story in the 1964 recording "Last Kiss" is told from the point of view of a young kid who has obtained his dad's auto for a night with his sweetheart. The kid appears to be diverted, giving careful consideration to his date than to his driving. Out and about ahead another auto is slowed down, however he perceives past the point where it is possible to keep away from a crash, and the young lady is mortally harmed. As she lies draining in the kid's arms, the two youthful sweethearts put their lips together in the most personal goodbye possible. Her diminishing breath turns into their last kiss and his long lasting torment. Those of us who delighted in this tune when we were generally the same age as its heroes might now grin at its unrefined wistfulness, yet at its heart lies one the immense secrets of the universe- -that an individual who is distinctively display one minute can be hopelessly missing the following. Where, without a doubt, do they go? Maybe more to the point, where are we who are abandoned?
This is my answer: We are sentenced to a history that devours the very hearts that get history under way. In Another Way of Telling, a joint effort with the picture taker Jean Mohr, John Berger wrote in related terms about a photo entitled "A Red Hussar Leaving, June 1919, Budapest," Andre Kertesz. In the photo a Hungarian trooper is offering his wife and kid farewell; he is set off to war, potentially to his passing. Berger notes specifically the differentiation between the Cewek Nakal Cantik. Click this button if you want to know more

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