Sabtu, 02 Mei 2015

Kiss Me Tante Girang

Time, a definitive imponderable, is such a great amount with us and of us that we are sure we recognize what it is until, as St. Augustine, we attempt to say as much. At that point there are no words, and no stars to indicate, either, unless they act naturally, we who are nostalgic for time everlasting however dwell uneasily ever, developing ourselves regarding its works and workings, framing determined, frequently over the top, at times self-destructive connections to fleeting things. On the off chance that there is any condition other than isolation that unites us as an animal varieties, then, it is the state of misfortune, when our wings fizzle and our flights from isolation reach an end. To this situation Buddhists have conceived the most rich and profoundly thorough arrangement by a wide margin: separation, the renunciation of craving. The individuals who can oppose getting a handle on things are saved the torment of separating with them. On the flip side of the range are the entire pig realists, who have practical experience in a fake and inelegant methodology: unchecked collection. The thought here is to get one's hands on however much stuff as could reasonably be expected, to store such expansive amounts of property, force, partners, or what have you that all misfortunes are by examination trifling. The greater part of us fall between the two extremes; we strike a deal as Cewek Nakal Cantik, however regularly without getting a handle on the seriousness of the terms until the bill comes due. We lose ourselves to this particular spot, occupation, individual. We petition God for additional time, and somewhat more still. At that point we pay for the delight we have gotten in the hardest cash of all: anguish, Click this button if you want to know more

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